Saturday, December 31, 2016

Keen Saturday #5

Hello everyone and welcome to the fifth post in my Keen Saturday series! This is also the last post of the year. Since creating this blog almost 1 year ago, I never thought it would get as many views and positive comments as it did. I did not post as much as I wanted to. But, hopefully next year will be even better and I will be able to feature more amazing people. So today I will be featuring Instagram user, photographer and blogger, colormeadri. She has an awesome blog here: Adri likes to wear socks with her Keen Rose Leather sandals, because they remind her of the classic Mary Jane style schoolgirl shoes. She especially likes to wear them with longer socks to fit with the schoolgirl look. Another reason why is because normally she wears socks around the house and the Keens are really easy to slip on if she needs to go somewhere or wants to go look at something outside. She also thinks they look cool and they prevent blisters. In the summer she wears them with socks a few times a week and less during fall and winter as it gets colder. Her favorite kind of socks to wear with them are from H&M and she really likes neutral colors and blush tones. She started to wear socks with her sandals last spring. Before then she didn't have any sandals you could easily or comfortably wear socks with. So without further ado here are the pictures!

The last four pictures are of her favorite outfit to wear them with. It's a cute schoolgirl-esque outfit with long purple socks, matched with the sandals. And a purple skirt matched with a cute pink shirt. All taken in her natural habitat which is her room. It is full of books and and landscapes she painted. 

Thank you colormeadri for sending me these pictures and allowing me to feature you on the blog!

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  1. Thank you for hosting me. It looks great! :) Happy New Year. I'll be sure to give you a mention on my insta and my blog once I get back home in a few days.